Educational Consulting

Requesting an educational consultation is the 1st step a parent should take when concerns arise over their child's academic needs and learning difficulties.

The consultation process involves a comprehensive review of student records, previous evaluations, and a bio-psycho-social and medical history.

Purposes of the Educational Consultation

  • To provide parents with an objective evaluation, information, guidance and support to address their child's educational problems
  • To evaluate and develop a plan to address learning problems
  • To help find intervention programs that will address parent's concerns
  • To help parents determine if the school or intervention program is appropriate for their child
  • To offer parents information about the often confusing and complex federal and state regulations related to the provision of special education and other services provided through public school districts

How Federal Law Affects Education

The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB 2002) and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 2004) have made a major impact on education in the United States. Parents are increasingly requesting information on this legislation and how it affects the delivery of educational services within their child's school district.

Dr. Gunne provides educational consultation services on how parents and teachers can best understand and navigate the complexities of assisting children experiencing learning problems within the framework of state-federal educational policy, rules, and regulations.

As a part of the educational consultation, parents receive a packet of information to complete and bring to the consultation, along with a release of information. Once a comprehensive review and consultation has been performed a plan of action is developed to assist your child.

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